Services for: Tech Buyers

Apply best practices and an unbiased expert approach to evaluating significant technology purchases.

A Complete View of Available Options

Business Questions
  • Who are the leading providers?
  • Are there lesser-known providers with viable solutions we should consider?
  • How can we gain intelligence on the broad field of players?
What We Did

An exhaustive review of secondary research and interviews with relevant tech specialists provided a comprehensive view of the market options.

A Structured Selection Methodology

Business Questions
  • What are the specific criteria we must include in our selection?
  • How should we weight those criteria?
  • How will we handle the workload of RFP writing and review?
What We Did

Using a quantitative model driven by the client’s priorities, developed decision criteria jointly with client selection team. Organized and facilitated RFP evaluation.

A Selection Process that Drives Consensus

Business Questions
  • How can we ensure that we choose a technology that will be accepted by the business?
  • How can we make our product recommendation to best convince management?
What We Did

Visual tool used live in review meetings ensured transparent decision process and enabled negotiation. Delivered briefing materials appropriate for each stakeholder.

“Cory was excellent to work with on several challenging projects. Great thinker, great communicator and gets it done”

Jim Sinur, Vice President, Gartner