Cory Mann helps business-to-business vendors and service providers launch and grow.

We work across a range of industries, with a concentration in healthcare, information technology and telecommunications. We’ve worked for the larger firms in these industries, as well as challenger brands. Call us for specific references and examples of our work that are relevant to your business.



  • Completed high-level marketing strategy assessment and feature-function review against the marketplace for a leading workforce management software vendor.
  • Provided competitive intelligence into the HR software market for a leading vendor.
  • Delivered in-depth insight into the supplier and market changes for rules engine software to a major technology vendor.
  • Studied adoption of Linux in the enterprise to understand value proposition, current market, areas of growth and limitations.


  • Articulated and refined the value proposition and positioning for a growing managed services supplier, including core market differences and customer testimonials for use in sales pitches.
  • Analyzed industry segment opportunities for an email messaging security provider. Revealed competitive approaches to product bundling and pricing, and client fit to segment needs. Built best fit criteria and evaluation model, resulting in defensible recommendations for best fit markets, tailored product bundling and channels for those markets, and customized messaging by segment.


  • For a healthcare claims clearinghouse, validated customer & prospects’ need for a new service offering. Determined who to target for best within client organizations, refined the service structure, identified best segments, and developed a more compelling value proposition.
  • For a medical billing software and services firm: Sized the addressable market for use in annual planning. Wrote white paper demonstrating thought leadership to customers and prospects. Supported white paper launch, resulting in the highest webinar participation in company history. Developed presentation of operational results and planning for annual board meeting. Analyzed major industry trends and their impact on the business. Resulted in more efficient, focused monitoring of market changes and faster assessment of potential business impact.


  • In-depth review of Smartphone value chain and go-to-market strategy. Investigated customer lifetime value and revenue model for each player in the value chain. Identified influence of developer network, distributors and carriers in driving adoption and brand choice. Client used findings to improve messaging to SMB markets and advise OEMs in direct sales efforts.


  • Moderated a series of focus groups for a major airline which delivered insight into competitive buying criteria and feature trade-offs.


  • Moderated focus group for a world-class agricultural supplier, providing feedback to their brand perception, product value, and channel structure.