About Us

Our Vision

Working with Cory Mann, you get blue-chip quality expertise from a nimble, cost-effective small business. Cory is a seasoned professional who regularly advises senior executives. Deliverables consist of factually grounded insight, conclusions and actionable recommendations – not just raw data.

Our clients use this information to improve sales, marketing & products as well as bring new products to market; for example deciding which products or services should be bundled. We can help your firm to make critical decisions early enough to concentrate on markets and offerings that will pay off, and avoid investing in paths that have little return.

Our Work

Our practice focuses on getting a clear and current view of the external forces on your business:

Customer   Who are the buyers, influencers and users? What do they care about?
Ecosystem / Channel   How do supply chain relationships and sales channels impact go-to-market? What new regulatory changes or other non-market forces will affect the business?
Competitors / New Entrants / Substitutes   What other options do customers consider? How can you effectively differentiate your solution?

Our People

Our principal, Cory Mann, has over 10 years experience in B2B marketing consulting, including five years at Gartner serving technology vendors, later as head of market intelligence at Kronos Software, and in her own practice since 2007. She has an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, and a BA from Dartmouth College.

Cory is an active member of the Boston Product Management Association (BPMA) and the New England Market Research Association. She is also affiliated with the Massachusetts Innovation and Technology Exchange (MITX) and the American Marketing Association (AMA).

Cory brings a team of experienced researchers and consultants to her engagements as the need arises, providing specialty expertise as well as efficient operation of projects. Our team has specialists including interview recruitment, data analytics, list building and digital graphic design.